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Who We Are

We are an energetic group of first generation immigrants as well as prominent figure in the American society that share values and advocate for our vision and mission. Our experience as immigrant ourselves put us at an advantage as we understand the integration/inclusion problems our new immigrants are facing. We speak the same language, share the same culture, have the same values and concerns. All of this will make us more effective in helping our new Arab immigrant through our own experience and education in how to better integrate and positively contribute to our new Society.

Our Mission

New England Arab American Organization is the bridge between future Arab Americans and the American culture, giving the stepping stones for new Arab refugees, immigrants to integrate in the American culture and prepare a better educated future.

Our Vision

Unlike other organizations, NEAAO is not providing relevant resources for the new Arab Immigrants and waiting for them to come. As cultural brokers, NEAAO is proactively identifying the root causes of their exclusion and social challenges, knowing that leaders in the organization share same culture, eliminating language barrier will allow us to better support them in bridging the culture gap in an effort to ease their inclusion into society.

NEAAO provide roadmap to educate and prepare a new generation of Arab American that enrich the diversity of our community and positively contribute to the growth and prosperity of our great state and country.

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Phone: 207.347.0249

PO Box 1812
Portland, Maine 04104

New England Arab American Organization